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Eat Cake Films is an Orlando based production company formed by Michael Livingston and Lora Rodgers in 2007. Since their conception they have produced numerous videos for companies, DJ's, musicians, and promoters. The goal of Eat Cake Films is to provide it's clients with some of the best looking Music Videos, Documentaries, Commercials, and Promotionals that can be be produced on any sized budget.



Whoa! We Have a Tumblr Now!!

Ok. We’re starting this on somewhat of a rubbish note which is a shame but anyway…so as most of you reading this will know, we released a couple of music videos on youtube last week. Now, we never thought for a second that we would be getting comments that would tell us how great and wonderful it is because thats unrealistic and false. We’re not gonna hide the fact that we’ve been getting more comments from people telling us how bad the video is rather than the opposite. Now we don’t give two monkeys about whether anybody likes our work or not but the point I wanna make is that if your gonna say its a bad video, why not tell us why you dislike it so much?

I want to tell you some facts about our “gay” video:

1. We shot this 100% on our own equipment.

2. We shot this on a budget of $0.00.

3. This was our first project since graduating film school.

4. Everybody who worked on this shoot was unpaid therefore we respect EVERYBODY who featured in our video.

5. We shot this video in four hours.

6. There was no drinking of alcohol on set. The bottle you see seven drinking from….that’s apple juice believe it or not!

We just wanna tell you to bring on the negative comments because our name is still in your mouths regardless. If you don’t believe us then look at our plays. Over 13,000 plays in one week isn’t half bad for our first music video. I don’t care what anyone says. Today we make the decision to no longer comment on this matter, move on, and continue to so what we do best regardless of what anybody else thinks.

Thank you Haters! : D


Eat Cake Films

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